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Monitor Port Activity on x460-48t

  • 7 January 2014
  • 3 replies

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Create Date: Jan 2 2013 7:36PM

Is there a way to show how long a port has been active? I want to find out which ports are not used and reclaim them across my switch stack? I have done it before with HP switches by foirst enabling a setting to start monitoring the ports


(from Vince_MacNeil)

3 replies

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Create Date: Jan 3 2013 11:56PM

sh port X inf detail will tell you when was the last time the Link went up or down. But if i am not wrong the feature was avialble only after 12.6

The other option is to look into the logs
show match "" and see if it give you what you are looking for.

Let me know if that works (from Arpit_Bhatt)
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Create Date: Jan 14 2013 9:10PM

None of the commands got me the information I needed so I just did it manually by tracing every port.


Vince (from Vince_MacNeil)
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Create Date: Jan 18 2013 9:39AM


Reporting module of ridgeline do it for you.
Network Summary>Slots, Stacks and Ports>Unused port


(from fredftp)