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MSM-A: Changing to watchdog warm reset mode

Please I need the description for the below log.

MSM-A: Booting after System Failure. MSM-A: Changing to watchdog warm reset mode

Image : ExtremeXOS version v1542b8-patch1-3 by release-manager
on Fri Sep 5 02:52:55 EDT 2014

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This could have been because of a power outage,. Do you have any more logs?
Hi Thanks for your answer and below more log related to the issue.
the problem that after this log the switch has been restarted.

11/04/2016 07:10:43.78 [i] MSM-A: snmpMaster initialization complete
11/04/2016 07:10:43.49 [i] MSM-A: DOS protect application started successfully
11/04/2016 07:10:43.46 [i] MSM-A: Module in Slot-5 is inserted
11/04/2016 07:10:42.42 [i] MSM-A: Module in Slot-2 is inserted
11/04/2016 07:10:42.22 [i] MSM-A: **** tftpd started *****
11/04/2016 07:10:42.13 [i] MSM-A: snmpSubagent initialization complete
11/04/2016 07:10:41.67 [i] MSM-A: **** telnetd started *****
11/04/2016 07:10:41.51 [i] MSM-A: Module in Slot-1 is inserted
11/04/2016 07:10:41.49 MSM-A: Node State[1] = INIT
11/04/2016 07:10:41.40 [i] MSM-A: Hal initialization done.
11/04/2016 07:10:41.09 [i] MSM-A: Network Login framework has been initialized
11/04/2016 07:10:40.56 [i] MSM-A: Module in MSM-A is inserted
11/04/2016 07:10:39.99 [i] MSM-A: Module in power supply slot 3 is inserted.
11/04/2016 07:10:39.86 [i] MSM-A: Module in power supply slot 2 is inserted.
11/04/2016 07:10:39.69 [i] MSM-A: Module in power supply slot 1 is inserted.
11/04/2016 07:10:38.91 [i] MSM-A: Switch is operational
11/04/2016 07:10:38.59 [i] MSM-A: Switch is operational
11/04/2016 07:10:38.42 MSM-A: Module in fan slot 1 is inserted
11/04/2016 07:10:38.06 [i] MSM-A: telnetd listening on port 23

11/04/2016 07:10:37.70 [i] MSM-A: Starting hal initialization ....
11/04/2016 07:10:33.44 MSM-A: DM started
11/04/2016 07:10:33.40 MSM-A: The Node Manager (NM) has started processing.
11/04/2016 07:10:32.66 MSM-A: EPM Started
11/04/2016 07:10:32.65 MSM-A: Booting after System Failure.
11/04/2016 07:10:31.49 MSM-A: Changing to watchdog warm reset mode
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It looks like a power issue from the logs. There's not much to go on. Are there better logs in the "show log messages nvram" logs?
Thanks a lot I try to check the power issue
thanks again for your support
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we have been seeing this on and off for about a year now. we too thought it was power issues. we have since deployed UPS's that show no power issues. other extreme switches hooked up to the same UPS did not reboot at the same time. we have just updated to the newer software. patch1-11, but are still having the issue. do you have a gtac ticket open? I am opening one now for a switch that just had a reboot.
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Did you see if there was a system dump file... show debug system-dump... If this is a hardware or process problem that brought about the instability that caused the reboot then it would generate a file. Also do you have dual MSM's if so and A is bad it should fail over to B and not reboot system.