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MSTP Loopguard

I have a core network in city A build based on two X440-24t connected in MSTP ring. I would like to connect my cisco switch located in city B through two Ethernet DWDM connections (provided by my ISPs) to my X440 (one link to each of X440). I would like to use MSTP to prevent loops (one link will be master and second one will be my backup). However there is still possibility that loops will occur (for instance in case of unidirectional connection caused by fiber failuer). Is there any option in Extreme like Loop guard from Cisco to prevent such situation?

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If there is only one Cisco connected to two X440, I would consider using MLAG with active/active links.
Interesting, however there are plans to add some switches in the future, so I would like to keep it simple and interoperable as much as possible.
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EXOS 15.7 or later supports "Loop Protect" which is equivalent to "Loop Guard" in the Cisco world.

configure {stpd} ports loop-protect [on | off]

Damm, I got 15.1.2
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Otherwise, I would use ELSM or ELRP in place of Loop Protect.