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Multi-rate SFP+ on X620 using DAC?

  • 24 October 2019
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Good afternoon. I’m wondering if anyone knows the answer to this for sure? On a X620-16X, can a device supporting 2.5Gbps be connected to an SFP+ via DAC? If so, will it simply negotiate down to 1Gbps (since it’s not a 10Gbps device)? Is there such thing as a multi-rate SFP+ module for the x620 line?




1 reply

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The X620 only has 10 G SFP+ ports and cannot do break-out. I’m not aware of any switches that can do break-out from 10 G to anything else. The copper ports (in the -16t, -16p and -8t-2x models) can do mGig (2.5 and 5 G) in addition to the usual speeds, but that’s not applicable for the -16x version you have.

From the datasheet:

X620-16t: “12 100Mb/1Gb/10GBASE-T ports with EEE,4 100Mb/1Gb/10GBASE-T with EEE shared with 4 100Mb/1Gb/10GBASE-T PoE+ and EEE shared with 4 1Gb/10GBASE-X SFP+ ports “

The SFP+ ports can only do 100 M/1 G/10 G, nothing else.