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Multicast not passing through two XOS Cores (670)

I have a network with two cores that were dual homed but we are upgrading and breaking legs so that only one leg from the edge is connected. PIM is enabled and two 10 gig ports are LAG between Core "A" and Core "B".
If a device sending multicast on the edge is only connected to Core B then I cannot get multicast on a client that is only connected to Core A. I can get unicast traffic though. Anyone happen to know why?

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Are you running PIM sparse or Dense?
While breaking legs and making changes did the VLAN that connects the Cores added to PIM?

I guess since I'm asking questions:
Switch model
Code version
Can we see the PIM config from both Cores

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Hi Keith,

First of all, config is needed as David stated.
Without that we can just fish in the dark. 'enable ipmcforwarding'?

We actually had a port with ipmcforwarding enabled that should not have been. It was connected to our companies IT network who was blocking multicast, disabling ipmcforwarding solved the problem.