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Multicast within a VR environment, where the RP is on another VR .

  • 23 October 2019
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I have a multiple VR sceanario where the routing is provided by an External Palo alto firewall.

BAsic ospf etc works a treat.

The RV point is within VR_default on the core  and I have a stream coming from a vlan in VR servers , through 2 ospf connected point to point networks ( distribution to core to FW ) 

The 3 vlans are all configure for MOP , and the firewall automatically learnt the RV

When I look at the server switch I can see the multicast stream 

Sh igmp snooping PSERVER age 0

When I look at the P2P uplink I would expect to see some indication 

Sh igmp snooping < uplink vlan >

The output is : sender 1 incomming stream Sender ( which is the other end of the correct point to point link ( )


So we are on the same switch looking a two different vlans with MOP configured , I would expect that my uplink vlan , should display the MCast stream 229.111,112,12 , and I should be able to trace it all the way through the interlinks to the firewall ..

What commands are suggested to further advance my issue








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