multiple RP sources in one X460

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I have a 460 with pim sparse to a external RP off my network. I pull 324 multicast via this sparse vlan. the rest of my network is currently dense, working as it is , I want to convert my entire network from dense to all sparse. which will cause me to have a different RP on my own network. could i use the inter-VR solution to pass multicast from my current sparse Vlan (add it to a new VR) over to the current VR-Default network soon to use sparse?
I was also considering using MSDP. thanks in advance,

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I would recommend using MSDP instead. Or not sure how your setup is but mvr could work ? If you only have to listen to igmp on the receiver sid you could leak it to a mvr (spares) vlan.
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remember that MSDP is working only in VR-Default

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have not cut yet, but i believe i will just point to the two separate RP's and use two separate policy's

configure pim add vlan "Video-10Gig" sparse
configure pim add vlan "IPTV" sparse
configure pim crp static "MC-cspire" 0
configure pim crp static "MC-bude" 0