MVR on a x440-24x10G

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Create Date: Aug 16 2013 12:54PM

Please see the following setup and configuration on the switch. I can't for my life see what we have done wrong.
We can't get MVR to work with the following setup. ( the switch is brand new out of the box )
ExtremeXOS version

configure vlan default delete ports all
configure vr VR-Default delete ports 1-26
configure vr VR-Default add ports 1-26
configure vlan default delete ports 1-26
create vlan "mucast"
configure vlan mucast tag 1234
create vlan "vlan20"
configure vlan vlan20 tag 20
configure vlan mucast add ports 23 untagged
configure vlan vlan20 add ports 22 untagged
configure vlan vlan20 ipaddress

enable mvr vr VR-Default
configure mvr add vlan mucast
configure mvr vlan mucast mvr-address none
configure mvr vlan mucast static group none
configure mvr vlan vlan20 add receiver port 22

(from Andreas_Larsen)

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Create Date: Aug 21 2013 6:25AM

So the magic trick was.......................

Create a ACL that allows you to use the commonly used private range
So I did.

entry allow_mcast_rest {
if match any {
} then {

After that MVR worked as intended. (from Andreas_Larsen)