MVRP deleting VLANs

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Hello, colleagues!

On swithces configured MVRP.
VLANs adding normally.
When I delete VLAN on upstream switch, they don't removing from downstream switch.

It's issue or normal behavior?

Thank you!

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could you collect the below details and reach out to GTAC tech all config
3.Toplogy log messages nvram
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yes, that sounds normal to me. MVRP is a end-to-end protocol, and each end signals the VLAN. I'm expecting to see a new VLAN (SYS_VLAN_xxxx) created on the switch where you deleted it, to replace the one you deleted (because the other end is still signaling it).

To completely remove a dynamic VLAN, you need to delete it on both end. All the intermediate switches will then remove it as well.
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Thank you for answers!

VLANs is nomally adding in downstream switch.
But in this VLANS (SYS_VLAN_XXXX) only 1 port, that connect to upstream switch.

How can I dynamically add few (for example 10) ports in vlan?

Or there is other analogue of Cisco's VTP?

Thank you!
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This is expected to have only 1 port (the uplink), if nothing else is configured. The switch has MVRP enabled globally (as I understand you did), and it receives from the other end a MVRP update. So it creates dynamically the vlan and add the port where the MVRP PDU has been received.

As you may have already experienced, you can't add manually ports to a dynamically created vlan. One way to do it is to rename the vlan, so that it becomes static, and then you can add ports to it.

Ports could be added dynamically if MVRP enabled end-devices were connected to the switch, on MVRP enabled ports.

This is typically the use case with AVB.
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So, back to the topic.

Which is the quickest command to delete 100 vlans (out of 200 dynamically created vlans) on 20 mvrp enabled switches?

Thank you
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The VLANs should age out on their own if they are not being advertised elsewhere in the network. If they are being advertised, they will come back once deleted.

To prevent them from being added on the switch you can forbid those VLAN tags in MVRP (or disable MVRP):

conf mvrp tag ports registration forbidden

Once the tags are forbidden, the VLANs should be automatically removed. This assumes the VLAN has not been converted from a dynamic (i.e. SYS_VLAN_XXXX) to a user created VLAN.

The fastest way to do that for a large number of VLANs on multiple switches would be to create a quick script to execute the above command for each VLAN and port (or all ports.)
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thank you for your reply.

What I noticed is that after deleting a VLAN it suddenly disappears from STP domain ('T' flag) then, matter of seconds (maybe related to some timer setting), it ages out as you told me.

thank you
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There's a 30sec hold-on timer.