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need help For Extreme X450e-48P switch configure UDP data

Extreme Switch X450e-48p help

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If you want help from the community then you need to define your problem.
If you want help from the company then contact technical assistance center.

Not sure how to proceed with the problem you described.

Good luck!
Sir I have 8 Udp Adrress data Carrying each Ip 40 Mbps From 8 encoder ts over udp ip output
The data on switch 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ports are showing. I want to carry my al udp streaming ip address over 1 number port of switch. theproblem i am facing that the video in traffic is showing on switch but video out traffic is not passing through any port of switch. i do not know how to configure udp data on switch. That is my cable tv headend multicast ip addresss
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Thank you for description.

I guess the issue is with multicast. the default behavior on EXOS switch is that multicast is not passing through. Enable IGMP snooping on the vlan. Commands should look like:

enable igmp snooping "Default" [/code]where "default" is the vlan name where you have the multicast traffic.

ok i will do then i will reply after testing it
tommorrow i will go to the site where i installed it
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One other consideration since you said this was a CATV headend switch... For mcast to work with IGMP snooping enabled whatever device you have on those ports you want to receive the udp video traffic via multi-cast must know the mcast ip and porrt and make a valid join request. If the switch does not see a valid join then the mcast will not be sent to that port. Unless you have changed the settings igmp snooping is enabled on all vlans by default.

You can do command show igmp snooping detail to confirm this. If you just want to flood all the traffic to those ports then disable igmp snooping and all mcast will be treated as a broadcast frame and the udp stream will be sent to every port you have the vlan on. The device will still need to subscribe to the stream via the ip address and port you are using in the encoders..

Hope this makes sense good luck.
Sir can you take my switch online access via teamviewer
anybody can help for passing through multicast traffic on X450e-48pSwitch