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Neighbor shows DRother on point-to-point network


i'm studying EOS in my lab this is my topology

im configuring OSPF between Core1 (EXOS) and PROD_RTR (Cisco IOS)
both links are set to Point-to-Point
OSPF Neibours came up on both Cisco and EXOS,

Core1.16 # show ospf neighbor
Neighbor ID Pri State Up/Dead Time Address Interface
BFD Session State
========================================================================================== 1 FULL /DROTHER 00:00:00:44/00:00:00:03 PROD
None [/code]on IOS
PROD_RTR#show ip ospf neighbor
Neighbor ID Pri State Dead Time Address Interface 0 FULL/ - 00:00:32 Ethernet0/0[/code]my question, why does it show on EXOS and full /DROTHER?
AFAIK, that state shouldn't show if we are using PTP and network type?

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Hello Sulaiman Al Darmaki,

It is expected behaviour. OSPF routers may operate as DR, BDR or DROTHER only.
No DR/BDR elected on point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links, so the only "DROTHER" is left.

Best Regards,