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Hi guys,

I'm facing a small issue here. I'm trying to find the neighbor switches IP address that connect to my core switch. I have tried to use command "cdp" but no ip appeared.

I have tried to enable lldp on my core switch however no ip appeared also.

Is there anything that I must configure so that I can see all the IP addresses that connect to my core switch?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Hafiz,
I'm not sure which switches are connected with your core switch but the neighbor discovery protocols such as CDP or LLDP also should be enabled on the connected switches. If the connected switches are Extreme then you can use "show edp ports all" on the core switch because EDP is enabled by default on Extreme switches. But EDP doesn't display IP address of neighbor switches but just MAC address and remote-port number.
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Hey Hafiz,

Thanks for joining the Hub....

Coming to your query regarding the Neighbor IP addresses connected to the central switch, if we consider them as Extreme switches then the only option i hope is available to run the command show edp ports all on the extreme switches. Whereas for Cisco switches show cdp neighbor discovery would give you the clear picture in detecting all the neighbor peers connected to the central one.

Hope this clarifies you for your queries.
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If you would want to know the neighbor switches IP address, then, "show edp ports detail" output will give you the IP.
Please refer below. No IP address

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You are running a EXOS, which is really old. I would propose to update to a more recent version. If you are running one of the "fifties" use a 15.3.5 if you use a more recent product I would recommend a 16.1.3.

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Could you test it after initiating a ping between the switches. There should have been a ARP entry on the uplink for the IP to get populated in "show edp ports detail" output. Below is the sample output from my lab switch:

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you should consider the use of LLDP. This is really nice in mixed-vendor environments, since most networking gear (even from Cisco) and many servers support LLDP.

To show all detected neighbors in detail:
show lldp neighbors detailed[/code]You can (and usually should) enable additional information sent via LLDP:
enable lldp ports configure lldp port advertise port-description configure lldp port advertise system-name configure lldp port advertise system-capabilities configure lldp port advertise management-address
[/code]I have just verified that the above configuration is available in EXOS 15.3, I do not have earlier versions available to check.

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EXOS v12.0 does support the advertisement of management address information through LLDP. Now, you must understand that this IP address is the one configured in the mgmt vlan. If you don't have al IP address configured for the mgmt vlan, then the switch will send the system MAC address instead...

Then, the show lldp neighbors detailed [/code]command will show the management address of each neighbor.
lab0-sw2.4 # show lldp neighbors detailed

LLDP Port 2 detected 1 neighbor
Neighbor: 00:01:30:DF:00:01/1, age 9 seconds
- Chassis ID type: MAC address (4)
Chassis ID : 00:01:30:DF:00:01
- Port ID type: ifName (5)
Port ID : "1"
- Time To Live: 120 seconds
- Port Description: ""
- System Name: "lab0-sw1"
- System Description: "ExtremeXOS (Summit-PC) version \
by release-manager on Fri Jun 12 17:09:43 EDT 201\
- System Capabilities : "Bridge, Router"
Enabled Capabilities: "Bridge"
- Management Address Subtype: IPv4 (1)
Management Address :
Interface Number Subtype : ifIndex (2)
Interface Number : 1000018
Object ID String : "null"

lab0-sw2.5 # [/code]
You need to configure IP addresses on the vlans on both switches. Then you'll see that info with show edp port <> detail.
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Supermac7 wrote:

You need to configure IP addresses on the vlans on both switches. Then you'll see that info with show edp port <> detail.

The command
show edp ports all detail[/code]shows all IP addresses configured on VLANs of EXOS neighbor switches with EDP enabled.