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netlogin authentication failure / service-unavailabe disables after reboot

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Create Date: Jun 6 2013 2:52PM

Running a Summit X440-48P.

We are settign up netlogin dot1x mac on our Extreme switches and so far it works really nice for our setup. We can authenticate our cisco phones through the mac authentication and our computers through dot1x. We are a public school district, people want to bring their laptops in from home. Most of them just connect to our guest wireless, but we want them to be able to plug into our wired guest network as well.

We can either use authentication failure or service-unavailable depending on how we have the order of our authentication dbs.

So we have the service-unavailabe vlan set and assigned to all the netlogin ports. I enabled the service-unavailabe on the switch and then saved the config...Very Important to Remeber. Then plugged in my laptop from home and I was put onto the service-unavailabe vlan. It worked great. However after rebooting the switch to simulate a power outage, once the switch is fully booted the service-unavailabe isn't enabled anymore. When you give the command

show netlogin authentication service-unavailable vlan

it shows nothing. Doing a show netlogin and drilling down to the ports it shows that the service-unavailbe is in fact disabled.

I have done the same tests with authentication failure vlan and the same results happen.

Is there a reason why the commands are being preserved after a reboot?

Thanks for the help! (from bw447)

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Create Date: Jun 6 2013 10:56PM

Hey bw447

I was looking in the SR builds and saw this PD4-3370824571 Configuration for netlogin authentication failure VLAN is lost after rebooting.

This was fixed in EXOS Can you load that code and test?

P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Jun 10 2013 5:11PM

Thanks for the info.

When I try to download it in side Ridgeline (4.0) I keep getting Download Unsuccessful. I'm able to download other versions of the software, just not this particular one.

Would you recommend updating to version

We have:


Thanks again for the info! (from bw447)