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netlogin commands doesn't exist in command line on X440G2 v21.1.1.4

I'm configuring netlogin on a X440G2, and some commands aren't show in the CLI

1) the option "mode" dosn't exists
configure netlogin ports 2:35 mode mac-based-vlans

2) the option "vlan" dosn't exists
configure netlogin vlan NAC-EXTREME

* Slot-2 SW-A-1-1.54 # configure netlogin ports 2:35 (tab)
allowed-users Number of users allowed per port
authentication Configure port authentication settings
trap Enable/Disable/Prohibit trap on first rule use

* Slot-2 SW-A-1-1.54 # configure netlogin (tab)
add Add a MAC-list entry
agingtime Configure the time after which unauthenticated clients are removed
allowed-refresh-failures Number of session refresh failures allowed before automatic logout
authentication Configure Network Login client authentication settings
banner Banner for Login Page
base-url Base URL
delete Delete a MAC-list entry
dot1x Configure Network Login settings specific to 802.1X
idle-timeout Set timeout for an idle session
local-user Netlogin local user
mac Configure Network Login settings specific to MAC
ports Specify ports to add
redirect-page Redirect Page
session-refresh Session refresh time
session-timeout Set timeout for an active session
trap Set Network Login trap configuration
web-based Configure the web-based authentication protocol

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Hi Andrea,

If policy is enabled these options will not be available.
Please check "show configuration policy" to disable use the command "disable policy" then the options to add netlogin vlan and mode should be available.