Network issues on one wireless vlan after switch upgrade

  • 15 September 2020
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We just upgraded our core switches from X440 to X440G2-10G4’s. 3 in a stack. Since the upgrade we have been seeing a large amount of high pings on our Wireless Vlan and sometimes devices unable to connect out side the network. Device’s can get DHCP and DNS during this, but are unable to connect outwards and this is happening randomly during this time from five minutes to a half hour. 

This all started to happen after the core upgrade.

If anyone could point me in a direction to start troubleshooting/looking, it would be much appreciated.



1 reply

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Well, we can only guess…

Is there anything in the logs of the stack that could give a hint (show log)?

Do you use STP? ELRP?

Have you troubleshooted with Wireshark / tcpdump?