New stack unable to connect to network

Hi All,

I have just finished building a new stack and connected it to our fibre backbone, however I am unable to get any of our PC's to log on to the domain if their device is connected to the stack. I am unable to connect to the stack across the network and I cannot ping anythng from the switch.

I've looked at the Show Slot, Show Switch, Show Stack, Show Stacking Configuration and Show Config details and everything there seems to be OK.

The remainder of our standalone Summit switches are all working perfectly well, it's just the Stack.

Is there a log(s) or setting(s) that I need to review? I'm thinking that I have probably missed something during the config/build.

Many thanks.


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Jason -

If the stack topology is verified, there are three layers at which you could be experiencing problems. I'll list the order in which I would attempt to resolve this.

First, I would verify my layer 1 connection. when you issue a 'sho port XX:XX confi no" does it show that the port is active, or ready? If the port is active and the speed and duplex is correct, move to the next step, If it is in a ready state, this must be corrected before communication can be established.

Second, are the proper VLAN's with correct tags created in the new stack? is the uplink port properly configured with the VLAN(s)? The VLAN's/ID's/Tagged/Untagged values must match on both sides of the link if this is a trunk. Issue a "show edp port all" and this will display if the stack sees any directly connected Extreme devices across the layer 2 topology. If the VLANS, Tags, and trunk configurations are correct, we can move on to layer 3.

Last- on the new stack, have you given the proper IP and netmask to the vlan? is the vlan active? (sho vlan NAME - be sure that the vlan has member ports and that the vlan is active. If you are trying to ping local devices on the same subnet, this should be all you need. If you are trying to ping remote devices, have you configured a default route on the new switch?

Good luck!

Hi Sean,

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I think we are making progress.
FYI; I am new to the Extreme range of products and the CLI so apologies if any of my comments don't make complete sense.

On point 1.) I have run the SHOW PORTS command. This appears to be OK
Ports that are connected show as Enabled & Active, Ports that I have yet to cable up are showing as Enabled/Ready

Point 2.) This is where the problem may be. I enabled EDP on all ports (I can change this later) and ran SHOW EDP - This reported back OK, all local switch ports are displayed.

However, when I run SHOW EDP PORT ALL nothing is reported back. It looks like this switch cannot see anything else on the network ad therefore will not see my DC's in order to log on.

I have run SHOW EDP PORT ALL on another standalone switch and that does display other switches that can be seen.

Therefore, I need to discover why this switch is not communicating.

The uplink port is Port 48 but using the shared SFP Fibre slot. This appears to be active.

Any suggestions?
Check your port to vlan configuration properly, I experienced a similar problem and it turned out that the ports were in the default vlan (1). Put them on their correct Vlans and network connectivity was restored.