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New to Extreme

  • 2 August 2019
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Hey Team -

I'm new to the Gtack Community, and new to Extreme all together. I apologies if these are dumb questions

1st - How/Or would be the best way to get Extreme Certified
  • I work for an Audio/Visual Company, but things are starting to move more and more to networking. I done some basic network configs (Stacked 220 Series, and configured for IGMP v2 and QoS) but that's pretty much as far as i gone. I want to learn more about the Summit Switches as they provide more power for bigger jobs
2nd - Every time i need firmware do i need to create a case?
  • I'm trying to get EXOS (patch 1-5) as this is the recommend firmware to run on my X440 Switch when support AVB (Auido Video Bridging) devices, but i can't just donwload it i need to create a case first
3rd - Does Gatck Community have a location or group for AV Integrated that are "dumb" when it comes to network. I can understand feeling of someone who has little knowledge in a area asking for help and i don't want to ask in the wrong location

Thanks again!

2 replies

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Welcome. I'm still relatively new myself.

1 - This community offers a lot of useful resources as well as the knowledge base. Most everything I look for is found here, it's just a matter of formatting your search string. I've actually had very good success on Google. I'd prefix my searches with "extreme summit" followed by what I'm looking to do. The articles here seem to be built based on real life support requests- I know one of my support cases was responsible for one of the articles. Also, they have a customer training page you can access for some resources. I haven't had a chance to evaluate the page but it looks promising.

2 - Speaking of the gtacknowledge refer to the site below for how to download firmware. You'll go to Extreme Portal > Downloads then enter the serial number of your device. I have never had to create a support request to download files.

3 - Sorry I can't help here. The folks here are very helpful though.
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Hi Daniel,
Welcome to The Hub (and to Extreme)!
If you can PM me one of your X440 serial numbers, I'll see if I can get it added to your account to allow you to download software. Right now I only see one 220 under your account. If that doesn't seem correct, I'll get some more information from you privately.