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New Vlan on our main switch but cannot use any of the IP addresses in that Vlan

I have created a new Vlan on our main switch and can ping the Vlan's gateway from all areas but if we try to use an IP address from that Vlan it will not work. Any ideas on what needs to be fixed?

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Hello Beth,

This could be a couple of things. What is not working? Can you please elaborate on the problem?
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Is ping what you're expecting to work with these new IPs? What device(s) are on this new VLAN? Did you add other ports to the VLAN so that these devices have connectivity?
We added this Vlan with 254 usable IP addresses. The gateway is 116.1 and this we are able to ping successfully from any of our edge switches and or devices we are trying to connect. So we were trying to use 116.9 with subnet of and then the 116.1 gateway but it never connects.
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Can you ping the gateway from the 116.9 device? If you would please respond with the "show vlan" output.
Yes if I run CMD I can ping the gateway from that device
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Has ipforwarding been enabled? This will allow the switch to route traffic outside the VLAN.
This is from our main core switch:

configure vlan v116 ipaddress
enable ipforwarding vlan v116
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Can you send me a "show vlan" and "show iproute" output?
Here is the Show Vlan:

VLAN Interface with name v116 created by user
Admin State: Enabled Tagging: 802.1Q Tag 116
Description: None
Virtual router: VR-Default
IPv4 Forwarding: Enabled
IPv4 MC Forwarding: Disabled
Primary IP:
IPv6 Forwarding: Disabled
IPv6 MC Forwarding: Disabled
IPv6: None
STPD: None
Protocol: Match all unfiltered protocols
Loopback: Disabled
NetLogin: Disabled
OpenFlow: Disabled
TRILL: Disabled
QosProfile: None configured
Egress Rate Limit Designated Port: None configured
Flood Rate Limit QosProfile: None configured
Ports: 14. (Number of active ports=8)
Untag: 3:19
Tag: 1:4, *1:29, *1:31, 2:21, *2:29, *2:31, *2:32,
3:6, *3:29, 4:23, 4:30, *4:31, *4:32
Flags: (*) Active, (!) Disabled, (g) Load Sharing port
Here is the Show Iproute:

Ori Destination Gateway Mtr Flags VLAN Duration
#s Default Route 1 UG---S-um--f- v211 532d:3h:42m:46s
#d 1 U------um--f- v113 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v50 532d:3h:42m:56s
#d 1 U------um--f- v100 532d:3h:42m:56s
#d 1 U------um--f- v101 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v102 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v103 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v104 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v105 532d:3h:42m:56s
#d 1 U------um--f- v106 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v107 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v108 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v109 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v110 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v111 532d:3h:42m:56s
#d 1 U------um--f- v112 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v114 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v116 177d:3h:31m:21s
#d 1 U------um--f- v118 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v120 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v140 532d:3h:42m:55s
d 1 -------um---- v200 532d:3h:42m:55s
#d 1 U------um--f- v211 532d:3h:42m:55s
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What IP address are you trying to ping?
If I ping a device that is currently configured to 116.2 I get nothing back even on the switch:

Ping(ICMP) 4 packets, 8 data bytes, interval 1 second(s).

--- ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 0/0/0 ms
Slot-1 Main-96.7 # ping
Ping(ICMP) 4 packets, 8 data bytes, interval 1 second(s).
16 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.211 ms
16 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.085 ms
16 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=0.089 ms
16 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=64 time=0.086 ms
I just figured this one out. I feel really stupid
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Beth Dierks wrote:

I just figured this one out. I feel really stupid

now you have to tell us what the solution was
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How do you know it is not connecting? What test are you using?
I don't want too 🙂

Most of our equipment out on the shopfloor is configure to the 114Vlan, I never updated the port on the edge switch to reflect the 116Vlan!!!! Ugh