No HTTP administration CLI Shell after upgrade

I have an extreme switch X440-24t-10G that was running XOS version with the CLI Shell feature under HTTP administration (with CLI proxy). After upgrading to XOS version I'm unable to find a similar function.

Is that function still available?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Luis,
The ScreenPlay GUI was replaced in 15.7 with Chalet.

The CLI Proxy/Shell feature was removed. I'll have to check, but it may be possible to add a similar feature back into Chalet, possibly in a newer version of EXOS, such as 16.2.
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I did some checking and found that the new CLI Terminal App is only available for EXOS 21.1 and up.
Many thanks Drew.

I'm guessing EXOS 21.1 isn't recommended for X440-24t-10G.
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EXOS 21.1 and up is for G2 switches only, not for the first generation X440.