OEM 10Gbps Optics - Safe or not?

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using OEM 10Gbps SFP+ optics? I'm guessing that any link issues will be met with a, "You aren't using a supported optic" response by support. Other than that, has anyone actually had any issues with compatibility/reliability/longevity? If it matters, we have a mixture of x460s, x670s and soon adding some x460-G2s.

The Extreme Networks branded optics at >$1000. The same model number (Minus the -EX suffix), Finisar branded optics are $180.

It's hard to justify spending >$1000 for a single optic when you can buy the same thing for <$200.

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Hi, Doug!

We have a lot of experiense to work with non-original optics.
It's greate working with Extreme's switches.

There is only little problems with working 1G optic in X670 - but this problems need only configuration intervention and then work fine.

Also I had cases in TAC - сaseы did not deviate from the non-originsl optics, and engineers meticulously understand the issuescrupulously understand.

Thank you!
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OEM optics either 1Gig or 10Gig generally will work fine... In practice stay away from cheap/cheap.. you wont have any issues with Finisar at least in my experience.

Thank you both for your quick responses! They both put a lot of my concern to rest.
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Doug, we have 1600 plus Extreme switches and have been a customer since 1998... You can find other solutions on the optics. i would make sure they are recognized by your switches and you can pull all the standard optical readings as you can the OEM sfp's. If they do not support DDMI and your have problems getting the sfp+ ports to see the right optics then i would not use them. Other route is to tally up a years worth of optics and see if your sales team can get close to matching third party pricing... Getting your business at a smaller margin is still better than not getting your business 🙂 .... Do be careful as not all optics are created equal for sure...
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I agree with EtherMAN... check in with your sales team. If you're buying a large enough quantity of them, the discounts can be quite nice.
Have a try the OEM 10G SFP+ transceiver, check whether it will work. If it works, then it is really a cost less method. If it not work, then EtherMAN's opinion is also good.
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We have been running OEM optics for the last 10 years. No problem at all with the Extreme gear. However as many mentioned please make sure you at least buy quality OEM optics.