OID for packet drop

  • 29 June 2020
  • 2 replies


I can’t find the OID for command show ports congestion on EXOS 16…

I have problem with droped packets and I want collect statistics.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks :D

2 replies

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I doubt there is an OID for this. You may have to try and build script to pull that info… Unless the counters on the congestion are increasing all the time then I doubt this is your packet drop.  Congestion is only on the egress side of things as a micro-burst overruns buffer and the interface so drops packets.  If you have constant congestion then you have a bigger issue.. 


Found this:

With OID: .  it works but only with BulkRequest. Dunno why. But I’m still dropping packets between user - switch and switch - switch on Extreme x440-10G.