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openflow flow modification failed

Hi, I have been using openflow on few of our extreme switches (X440, X460 stacked) for sometime running XoS version. Everything was working fine until I upgraded to and now the flow modification via openflow fails. The openflow version is the same 1.0.0 but when I try to push flows I get OFPFMFC_BAD_COMMAND for flow_mod with an add command. the same commands work on version, can you verify this please and suggest what to do?

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Try using the latest patch of patch 1-11
Can you confirm that the flow modifications work on patch 1-11? Its a production setup with 50+ switches so its riskyand difficult to try updating switches?
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Could you tell us what flow is failing. Could you also provide the logs and ems traces from openflow.

debug ems enable trace openflow slot 1 all
debug ems show trace "openflow" slot 1 all

You can also disable version 1.3 to make sure it's not causing any issues:

conf openflow version 13 off
conf openflow version 10 on