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OSPF and MPLS route

I have created OSPF,MPLS and VPLS in our switch. One of my core swith
iproute to our remote network. i found one path ospf route to remote netowrk but
the mpls show have tow path to remote netowk. You can see the below information.
I really appericate if someone help me to explain.

CORE_SWITCH.1 # show iproute
Ori Destination Gateway Mtr Flags VLAN Duration
mp 1 U--D---um-L-- CR1-CR2_782 0d:4h:13m:44s
mp 1 U--D---um-L-- CR1-CR2_902 0d:3h:33m:40s
#or 12 UG-D---um--f- CR1-CR2_782 0d:4h:13m:45s

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only the OSPF route is installed in the forwarding table (as can be seen from the f flag, that is shown for the OSPF route only).