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ospf log error

My ospf link flopping continuously the switch log is showing below mentioned. kindly help as to solve this issue..

09/28/2015 17:04:51.49 Processing DD from neighbor fails on NBR seqmismatch event,case else

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Hi Jasheer,

I have seen this before and believe this translates to the OSPF neighbor changing state from FULL to EXSTART because of the receipt of a Database Description (DBD) packet from the neighbor with an unexpected sequence number.

SeqNumberMismatch means that a DBD packet during OSPF neighborship negotiation has been received that either:

  • has an unexpected DBD sequence number
  • unexpectedly has the Iimit bit set
  • has an Options field differing from the last Options field received in a Database Description packet.
This can be attributed to (Unidirectional) packet loss as a possible cause.

So I would take a look at the port that the neighbour is connecting through and check for any packet loss.