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OSPF route-policy

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Create Date: Sep 13 2013 8:50AM

With RIP I can define a policy, which prevents receiving some routes. The command is configure rip vlan all route-policy in .
How can I do it with OSPF? (from Hans-Werner_Paulsen )

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Create Date: Sep 18 2013 11:10AM

Use below commands

configure ospf area external-filter

configure ospf area interarea-filter

(from sumittokle)
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Create Date: Sep 19 2013 7:20AM

Thank you for the hint. But, these commands do not work for me (XOS Applying the policy (both external-filter and interarea-filter)
entry deny {
if match any {
nlri ;
then {
deny ;
entry permit {
if match all {
then {
permit ;

does not prevent adding the route
#o1 7 UG-D---um--f- Net-5 0d:15h:37m:13s
to the routing table. (from Hans-Werner_Paulsen)
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Create Date: Sep 20 2013 5:06PM

This seems to be a bug. I already had similar problem with ospf filtering. In my case I solved using RIP for those specific area vlans that I didn't want to import some static routes.

(from Luis_Coelho)