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"outgoing ssh failed"

Hi Guys,

I need to ask a strange question
I just installed ssh module on the extreme switch
but after a while, i can't get ssh working for outgoing connection
Incoming ssh works just fine, but outgoing connection always failed with "port 22: Network is unreachable"

Anybody have an insight on this issue?
Thanks in advance

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please ensure that you use the correct VR to SSH out. default VR-Mgmt

Slot-1 Stack.5 # ssh2
cipher cipher to use for encrypting the session (if unspecified, send full cipher list for negotiation)
compression specify whether to use compression (off if unspecified)
mac Message Authentication Code (if unspecified, send full mac list for negotiation)
port port
user user
vr Virtual router
[u] Remote host name or IP address with optional user name
Slot-1 Stack.5 # ssh2 vr
Virtual router name, default VR-Mgmt
"VR-Default" "VR-Mgmt"
Slot-1 Stack.5 # ssh2 vr

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Hello, hope the VR option fixed your problem,

Slot-1 Stack.4 #
Slot-1 Stack.4 # ssh2 vr "VR-Default" admin@
admin@'s password: