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Packet drop

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Hello, all!

Have below scheme:

When generate 3,2 Gbps AppMix traffic - all work fine.
When generate 2Gbps of HTTP traffic - all work fine.
When increase throughtput of HTTP traffic to 2,2Gbps - packets drops appear on LAG.

But ports utilization at that moment is not so big:

Packets is different and not so little:

HTTP is simple:
Client GET -> Server Request with 1024k page

Help please to investigate reason of drops.

Thank you!

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can you check if flowcontrol somehow take action,
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Bastian Sprotte wrote:

can you check if flowcontrol somehow take action,

Hello, Bastian!

# disable flow-control rx-pause ports all
# disable flow-control tx-pause ports all

There is no any drops:

Thank you!
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Hello Alexandr,

Check streams for microbursts


Best Regards,
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Hello, Nikolay!

Don't see any big splash.

Thank you!