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packet drop in port congestion monitor with multicast

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 30 2012 4:21AM


I have bd8810 I noticed on port where i have only keepalived i see packets drop. I see port congestion on a few ports but this port is interesting because there is only keepalived. Normal traffic on this port is about 300 pkt/s and packets drop rate is about 200 pkt/s.. I'm not sure that is normal situation. I don't see txerrors or rxerrors

below is dump from eth:

13:00:41.581944 IP > UDP, length 1412
13:00:41.581947 IP > UDP, length 1412
13:00:41.581949 IP > UDP, length 1412

Thanks for some info about this (from peter_peter)

2 replies

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Create Date: May 9 2012 12:03PM

This is very intresting indeed, I have seen this congestion a x450a and x460 not sure if it's multicast or not but there is no TX nor RX errors. The port is not utilized at all. However we are running code

I have a case going also towars extreme based on this. Will keep you updated if I find out anything more.

(from Andreas_Larsen)
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Any reports? I got nowhere with TAC on this issue.