Packet loss on my Switch

  • 8 January 2014
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Create Date: Jul 23 2013 11:06AM

Hello Guys,

I have been having packet loss issues on my network. I decided to do a show port congestion on one of my ports and it came back with a huge packet loss value which was increasing.

Port Congestion Monitor
Port Link Packet
State Drop
3:4 15332915
Link State: A-Active, R-Ready, NP-Port Not Present L-Loopback

Doing the same command on the second port which is bundled with this one shows no drops.

Please I need a way out on what could be the cause of this issues.

(from pyke)

4 replies

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Create Date: Jul 23 2013 3:24PM

Hi, what is the switch model and port Speed configured as

PJ (from Prasad_Jacob)
I have the same behavior, i have a BD8810 and the other side a summit x25024t, they are connected for UTP to 1 Gbps, two both have XOS version.
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Hello Pyke

There are actually a number of things that could cause this. From what you posted you have one link that looks to be getting oversubscribed. What is the algorithm you are using on the LAG? I think the best approach would be to open a case with TAC as there are a number of ways this can take place.

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1) Check the port utilization. if it's over utilized then you can enable TX-pause on port and ask the sender to send the packet at slower rate.
2) Increase the port buffer size with some extent.
3) There could be burst traffic is getting drop. you have to check what type of packets are getting dropped. you can also configure QOS and prioritize the traffic.