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Hi All,

I have a customer and he 3 Extreme Switches. He don't know the Username and password for his switches because the one who configured the switches is not here now. I want to reset the Username and Password via console cable. I found some blogs here in community but i am afraid from configuration reset, I want to know the method mentioned here will effect my current configuration or not.

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Please check out the following article:
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if your colleague was not "educated" then most probably you will have user account with default password. it is worth to try instead of "admin" use "user".
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Hello, Waseem Ulah!

You can access to switch with default account from BootRom:
BootRom > config none [/code]BootRom > boot

After that you can access to switch with login "admin", password - none.
Then you can download configuration file, add lines with new account and upload to switch.

Thank you!
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Are you all set? Did these suggestions answer your question?
Thanks to all for your suggestions. I will visit the customer soon and check what you guys suggest. Then i will update here.