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PIM-SM Advanced Edge License

What's wrong?

ExtremeXOS Advanced Edge License Features:
PIM-SM-Edge (limited to max of 2 active interfaces)
configure pim add vlan "DownlinkUn" sparse
enable pim

* X450a-24t.26 # configure pim crp vlan DownlinkUn multicast
Error: This command cannot be executed at the current license level.
* X450a-24t.27 # sh licenses
Enabled License Level:
Advanced Edge
Enabled Feature Packs:

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Hi Andrew,

When using PIM-SM-Edge the switch cannot be configured as CRP or CBSR.
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You need the Rendezvous point and Bootstrap router elected in a device with Core license.
Perfect. Write this limitation in the manual.
I find 2 conversation regarding advanced edge license here. Detailed explanation about 2 vlans. And nothing more about other limitations.
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Hi Andrew, you can find the information below in 16.1 User Guide:

PIM Edge Mode is a subset of PIM that operates with the following restrictions:

- The switch does not act as a candidate rendezvous point (CRP).

- The switch does not act as a candidate bootstrap router (CBSR).

- At most, four active PIM-SM interfaces are permitted. There is no restriction on the number of

passive interfaces (within the limit of the maximum IP interfaces).

Note that you can have up to 4 interfaces instead of 2.

Please let me know what version you are using then I can track this information.

Sales rogue 😞

I find this record in the manual.

ExtremeXOS version v1263b2 I'm Not going to change something.

I have the fully functional switch with Core license on another locaton. I'll try to setup this one without CRP.
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Hi Andrew, using another switch with Core License is enough to have PIM-SM working.

Only one RP/CBSR is need. However, if you have 2 switches with Core License you can use both with CRP/CBSR configuration for redundancy purpose.
Thanks. I understood.