Please Confirm AVB Feature Pack Compatibility with X440-8t

I'm planning to purchase a Summit X440-8t (because I prefer fan-less), but I need to be able to use AVB protocols. The quotes I've received for the AVB Feature Pack (p/n 16523) list several specific port count models (e.g. X440-24p, -48p, etc.), but the X440-8t is conspicuously missing.

Could you please confirm, is the AVB Feature Pack license compatible with the X440-8t?


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Hi Raymond,
Yes, the X440-8t does support the AVB Feature Pack.
I'm not sure why it's missing in the quotes you're received, but I can confirm that it does work and is in our licensing system so that you can generate the license for it with the voucher.

From our internal price list:
16523 // X440 Multimedia(AVB) Feature Pck // "ExtremeXOS Multimedia Service (Audio Video Bridging) Feature Pack for Summit X440 series switches"