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PoE problem urgent

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Create Date: Sep 30 2013 9:24AM

I am facing a problem with a stack of Summit X460-48p switches relating to PoE. The stack is 6 nodes deep and is running XOS 15.0 or 1 from memory. I am not sure of the exact version of the bootrom.

I faced what appears to be a one off situation where the ports (default configured to deliver 15W dropped to 5W) across the stack and the power budget (max usage threshold dropped from 70 to 50%). The problem was not with a specific node but was across the stack.

I am aware of any problems with the power feed. Each of the nodes is provisioned with a single PSU. What I found is that devices that required less than the 5W continued functioning and the stack itself appeared to be normal but devices requring more than 5W obviously would not function.

I am worried if this can be triggered across other stacks running similar code. Once I set the port budget and power limit to the normal it started working and has been stable since. Are there any known issues with PoE as a process.

This is urgent . What could cause this problem. I know that there were issues with PoE with the earlier series of XOS (12 series). Any sugesstions would be appreciated. Thank you.

(from Anush_Santhanam)

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Create Date: Sep 30 2013 2:15PM

Hello Excalibur

I have not seen this issue with anything 15 or higher however TAC would know better and can look at the show tech etc.

I will see if I can find anything but would suggest opening a case with TAC as well.

P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Oct 17 2013 11:37AM

Thank you so much for the reply. I have been investigating this in the background and have also spotted the following in the logs

1. The power budget seems to have dropped to 50% from the default 70
2. I am seeing logs relating to the stack (stack messages)
3. EDP neighbor removed and then added
4. EAPS messages

I am wondering if this is because of the master switch malfunctioning that could be causing problems with the POE across the stack. Can you please get back to me. (from Anush_Santhanam)