Port-based traffic shapping with Summit X250e-48p

Hello all,

I have several of these switches in my network and I am trying to limit the throughput per port (per employee). I am not quite sure to accomplish this where the packets would be shaped instead of dropped.
When I use command such as 'rate-limit' per port, it seems like once the traffic reaches that limit, the excess packets are dropped instead of being queued. What would be the proper way to do this and for example limit certain ports to 5mbps (mega bits per second) both egress and ingress.

The switches are running ExtremeXOS version

Thank you!!!

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example for one host and one vlan with x250e :

for egress
configure qosprofile QP1 minbw 0 maxbw 65 ports 1

for ingress I use meter+ACL


entry User1 { if match all {
vlan-id 10 ;
} then {
meter user1 ;
} }

create meter user1
configure meter user1 committed-rate 12000 Kbps out-actions drop
configure access-list ACL_user1 ports 1 ingress

You can also set a burst for meter