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Port is not inline-power capable

I have my x450a-48p i connected the redundant power supply units and connected cable to my switch but poe doesn't seem to work.
I have enabled poe, though i think its turned on by default

#enable inline-power

i tried commands below
#show inline-power info detail ports 1:3
#Port 1:3 is not inline-power capable

Please advise.
Thank you so much

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The 450a-48t is NOT PoE capable.
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PoE capable devices include a letter "p" at the end of the part-number to differentiate them from non-poe-units. For example: X450-G2-24p-10GE4.
For a complete list of PoE capable units please visit our web site at http://extremenetworks.com/products/switching-routing/