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Port Sharing issue

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 11 2012 9:44PM

Hello Guys,

I have BD8810 (XOS ver: switch on which servers are connected , we have few serves with multiple LAN ports with teaming enabled and in load balance mode.

i did port sharing for coupling 2 switch port for getting 2GBPS through put ,command i used is ' enable sharing 1:41 grouping 1:41-42 algorithm address-based L2'

but while checking traffic on server LAN cards .. on both lan cards i saw Sent packets but received packets are seen on only 1 lan card of server

both ports connected on same switch

Pls let me know if i have to do any twicking at switch side configuration ?



(from Deepak_Patkar)

1 reply

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Create Date: Apr 11 2012 11:58PM

Is the server end also using address based L2? Make sure that's the case

verify the output of "show port utilization". see the Tx and RX packets on both ports.

Also "show vlan " for the vlan that contains these ports and verify if one of the ports is blocked or not. It will show (g) for sharing and (gb) for blocked port.

(from Arpit_Bhatt)