Port-specific VLAN

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According to User guide 15.7 Port-specific VLAN is under the general VLAN section.

Again trying to configure this on a X440-24t with Edge license dosen't work.

X440-24t.1 # configure "vlan41" add ports 1 tagged 501Error: Port-specific VLAN tag is not supported on this platform

There is no reference in either User Guide/ License feature that this is only limited to certain plattforms. Or am I missing something ?

// Andreas

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Just like your CEP question, something is definitely amiss... what code exactly are you using? That command should work fine on any platform.

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x440 doesn't support this feature.
If the doc doesn't clearly say it, this is something we'll have to correct.

From the EXOS 15.4.1 RN:
Supported Platforms
• BlackDiamond 8800 xl-series only switches
• BlackDiamond X8 series switches
• Summit X480, X460, X670, and X770 series switches
• E4G-400 and E4G-200 cell site routers
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Yes cause the DOC states nothing that clearly dosent so I was think I did ? Please correct that.