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port vlan statistics ?

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Create Date: May 14 2013 7:07AM

Why show port x vlan statistics can't show TX statistics info. ?
My firmware was patch1-10 and model is X440-24t and X440-L2-24t (from Hsu_LiPing)

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Create Date: May 14 2013 8:32AM

on X460 it works:
configure ports all monitor vlan vlan_name
sh ports 47 vlan statistics

Port VLAN Statistics Tue May 14 10:28:55 2013
Port Vlan Rx Frames Rx Byte Tx Frame Tx Byte
Count Count Count Count
port47 vlan1 1362925 1630909732 2874277 1273762347

Jarek (from Jaroslaw_Kasjaniuk)