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Power log messages

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Below is a part of the logs form Slot-3 of our 3 node stack. Can anyone tell me what the error messages mean? I have the EMS catalog, but it only tells says that HAL.Card.Error is a serious error. 06/06/2016 08:07:36.84 [i] Slot-3: Power usage monitoring not supported for PSU (Part name Internal Power Supply ) in slot 9 06/06/2016 08:07:29.65 [i] Slot-3: Watchdog enabled 06/06/2016 08:07:28.76 Slot-3: poePlusInit: PSE initialization failed 06/06/2016 08:07:28.76 Slot-3: Failed to communicate with PSE. 06/06/2016 08:07:28.76 Slot-3: pse_uart_xfer: Did not receive valid response 06/06/2016 08:07:28.71 Slot-3: bcmPseReceiveMessageString: timed out 06/06/2016 08:07:25.03 Slot-3: Setting time to Mon Jun 6 13:07:25 2016 Thanks in advance! -B

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Please see articles:


PoE on the switch in slot 3 seems to be failing and needs to be checked/verified/diagnosed with the steps listed in articles.
Please share more details about your switch - type of hardware / EXOS version if problem still persists. Most likely will need to open a GTAC case if switch fails diagnostics.