Powering up Bosch Autodome 7000 PTZ camera on X440/460 switches

Hi, does anyone know how could I power up a bosch autodome 7000 which requires 30W on a X440-24p? I have tried connecting to it but the switch only delivers ~4-5W. Are there any config needed? Thanks

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Hi Kim,

What is the operator-limit configured on the port ? How many POE devices are connected to this switch?

Please post the output of the below command

Show inline-power info detail port .

It was left as default and there is only one POE camera connected to it.

thank you for the question. It appears this particular camera may be on the edge of the maximum power we can deliver on a POE+ port (i.e. 30 Watt).

We would love to investigate this properly with our TAC team. I suggest that the customer opens an case through their normal support process.

best regards,

Mike Lytle