Problem connecting PCs to X440

my problem is that ,when i connect the switch(summit x440) with pc's the switch is not working but the lights of all ports are green.... Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Switch x440t extreme problem with ports.

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what is not working?

Are there FBD entries on the ports?

Is a default route configured?

Is this a flat network or are you using multiple vlans?
SWITCH is not working..
switch is in a flate network...
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Is the PC getting a DHCP address?
Does the PC have the correct default gateway?
Does the switch have a static route?

If you shared some information someone might be able to assist you.
Does the switch see the PC? do you see the mac of your PC?
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Hi Zain, do you still need help with this issue?

There are several ways and tests to narrow down the issue, but we need some additional information as already requested by David.

Please let us know so we can assist you.
thanx to all my there is no issues..