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Problem/Query: show management : what are Drops in snmp stats?

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What exactly are the Drops shown for snmp stats in the output of show management ?

I have observed that Drops count is increasing in the "show management" output while it is zero in the output of "show snmp vr vr-d".

Hardware is BD -8806 on

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May be because in switch there is more then one VR (for default - is VR-Def, VR-Mgmt, also can be used added VRs)?
sh man - show summary information.
sh snmp vr - show counters in specific VR

Tnank you!
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show snmp vr vr-m returns all 0s and we are not using vr-mgmt . There is no other vr defined on switch.

Could be code issue i think?
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Hmmm you got me curious so I looked at a few of our switches as we don't use but vr also and it seems if you don't define the vr when you are setting up snmp traps and communities it sets them up under both. Even though there is not an ip configured on vr-mgmt I still get a few hits to it that get dropped and also have drps on the vr-def ... I understand what all the other stats are but am now curious as to what the drops represent....