problem with igmp snooping on summit 670 ?

  • 27 April 2015
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After few hours i see that multicast stops propagate. Disable igmp snooping [vlan] helps.
I suppose it's some bug in XOS, no info, errors in logs. My topology is only L2 with many vlans. It happens even within one switch. My xos v1531b4-patch1-18. Looking for some info about known bugs, limits or info with soft is best to resolve this case.

big thanks for help

1 reply

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As per as I remember so many changes have been made and it seems might be hitting the bug where cache entry to not populating on multiple broadcom unit.

Below is the best solution:
If there are no routing protocols or VRRP configured on the ports where the protocol control packets are coming in we can configure IPMC to not periodically copy to the cpu:

configure ipmc to-cpu off port