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problemas al piniar vlans

  • 31 January 2019
  • 1 reply

buen dia tengo
tengo el siguiente problema
cree la siguiente vlan de esta forma

create vlan 10 description ADMINISTRACION
enable vlan 10
configure vlan 10 add ports all tagged
configure vlan 10 ipaddress

y cuando quiero piniar a mi computadora que esta conectada al swicht en el puerto 2 no responde
mi computadora tiene la

tengo que add otro comando para que se puedan piniar

me gustaria saver como habiliatar el ssh y el telnet en la line vty para administrarlo remotamente

1 reply

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You don't need to do 'enable vlan', they are enabled by default.

Unless your computer supports 802.1Q tagging, your PC port should be untagged in that VLAN.
Do 'configure vlan 10 add port 1:2 untagged'

To have ssh or telnet just issue 'enable telnet', 'enable ssh'. It is not recommended to use Telnet due to weak security compared to SSH, unless you have good isolation of management traffic.
Switch will be available for Telnet or SSH on all IPs you set on it (Mgmt VLAN or ADMINISTRACION VLAN or any other VLAN that has IP address). You can restrict what IPs should be available for management with ACLs for example.

Hope that helps,