Problems related to port utilization command

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Create Date: Jul 12 2012 9:29AM

Hi ExpertWe are facing the following problem: we are making graphics with the port utilization, but after an upgrade from EW to patch1-r4 the graphics on switch B (we have vrrp master - slave) the traffic curve is flat, like if the switch would be making rate shaping or something like that. The thing is, after perform a "show tech-support all" the graphics shows an increment on the traffic and the curve now is "normal" .Can somebody to explain how works "show tech-support" ? Why could be affecting in some way the reporting on show port utilization?Thanks in advance!Roxana (from Roxana_Rojas)

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Create Date: Jul 20 2012 8:03AM

You could use SNMP to create graphs for the utilization. (from Rickard_Sellstedt)