ptpv1 messages dropped

We have an X460G2 (EXOS with the network timing module included and are using the switch as a PTPv2 transparent clock. We also have PTPv1 devices on the network for which we want the switch to forward, but for some reason they are being dropped by the switch. Do we need an ACL to configure the forwarding of the PTPv1 messages?

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PTPv1 using multicast or unicast?
There is a workaround GTAC provided to us.

entry ptp_redirect {

if match all{

destination-address ;


then {

redirect-vlan ;



Please, check if PTP is using other multicast groups (depending on the domain and in use)

You must create an ACL and apply at vlan level (or affected ports)

configure access-list ptp vlan "LAWO_DANTE" ingress

Note that this broadcasts multicast traffic to all ports connected to the vlan. Bye bye igmp snooping.

On top of that, read Multicast PTP i not supported at all.
Thanks Toni! Works great. I was aware of multicast PTP not being officially supported, but it does seem to work.