QoS Default profile allocation

  • 28 June 2017
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I'm building a QoS profile list based on VLANS, i'm wondering if any vlan that has not an assigned QoS profile would be assigned QP8 by default.

I'm working with X-460 series.

5 replies

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By default, QP8 is used for EAPs PDUs to ensure control vlan messages reach their destination.

It is also used by ELRP to send/receive control packets for the purpose of loop detection.

As such, is not recommended to use QP8 for user traffic in your network and EXOS will not use it by default for a vlan that is not already assigned to a QP.

Thanks for this, but let's assume a VLAN is added in the future and no QoS Profile is assigned, what profile will it have?
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All user created vlans or vmans are assigned to QP1 by default. On the newer switches if you look at the QOS profiles you will see only QP1 and QP8... QP2-7 must be defined and enabled before you can use them.
OK Great thanks that's what i was guessing just wanted to have confirmation.
what all is auto-loaded to QP8 is it only ELRP and EAPS? what About things like MLAG ISC ... OSPF, ISIS etc?