Hi everybody.
I am new to Extreme, I have few questions:


On P1, i am classifying my ingress traffic based on DCSP and put them in specific queues on egress on port 49, switch will impose vlan tag 45 and sends it out of port 49 to switching cloud

SW # show qosprofile port 49

QoS profile: None configured
Queue: Q0 using QP1 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=0.
Q1 using QP2 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=1.
Q2 using QP3 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=2.
Q3 using QP4 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=3Q4 using QP5 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=4.
Q5 using QP6 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=5.
Q6 using QP7 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=6.
Q7 using QP8 MinBw=1% MaxBw=100% Pri=7

1) Are PRI above refers to dotp values?
2) How can I instruct my switch to impose dotp values on egress traffic on port 49 ?

( For example, in juniper, we use rewrite rule to achieve that)

3) How can i find DSCP-->QOS profile mapping?

Much appreciated!!

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Hi Zeeshan,

The following link may be a good start:

1. the dot1p values for each qos profile can be identified using the command show dot1p examination.

2. we can enable the dot1p replacement so that the switch would modify the dot1p value when egressing the switch port based on the configured qos.

3. show diffserv examination would show the dscp - qos mapping.
Thanks Prashanth, much appreciated!!