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Qos! Halp!

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Create Date: Sep 19 2013 8:19PM

So, at a remote site.. we have a single VLAN. On this VLAN, we have a phone system. That phone system communicates back to the phone system at the main site over a dedicated 3Mbps line.

However, any other traffic at the remote site destined for the main site traverses this line as well.

Im a bit confused about how QoS works.

Ive issued these commands,
create qosprofile "QP6"
configure ports 3 qosprofile qp6
configure diffserv examination code-point 46 qosprofile QP6

Yet, when I do a "show ports qosmonitor".. Im not seeing any packets hit qp6. When I issued the command, "configure vlan XXX qp6", then it started working.. but now all ports in that vlan are using it.

Any suggestions?

(from Jeremy_Homan)

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Create Date: Sep 20 2013 4:59PM

The DiffServ examination feature is disabled by default. To enable DiffServ examination, use the
following command:
enable diffserv examination ports [ | all]

I think you need to apply that on INGRESS ports, but I didn't try it, just pasted from EXOS Concepts. (from Luis_Coelho)