Question about Jumbo frames on individual ports - do you include the stacking ports as well?

  • 4 January 2018
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I would like to enable jumbo frames on two ports that will be connecting out to a brocade iscsi/nfs switches. I have two X690's as my cores and want to take brocade-10g-sw1 into ports 1:5 on X690-1 and X690-2, and take brocade-10g-sw2 into ports 1:6 on X690-1 and X690-2. Brocade switches will be configured as a LAG, and on the Exos switches they will obviously be configured as an mlag.

In both X690 core switch stacks, if I enable jumbo frames on ports 1:5-6, do I also have to do anything for the stacking ports?

I would consider enabling it globally, but the concern is what if something does not support jumbo frames. What if a server sends a 9000 byte frame down to a device set to 1500? Will it just be dropped? Thats why I only want to enable it on ports that support it.

1 reply

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Hello, there is no need to enable jumbo-frames on the stack ports, that is always enabled.
If a device that does not support jumbo frames receives a jumbo frame it will see it as error and will not respond to it.